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We form a team of specialists providing services to the IT industry and offering start-ups with legal support. We always adopt a comprehensive approach to legal and tax issues. We provide comprehensive legal advisory services pertaining to the law of new technologies and private equity investments in innovative enterprises. We support the founders, private investors and venture capital funds alike. We provide legal services to video game developers, creative agencies and software houses. We also provide investor relations services to enterprises listed on capital markets.

We support our clients by providing them with holistic legal solutions developed with the help of tax advisors, patent attorneys and other experts. We intend to deliver matter‑of‑fact solutions which are viable in practice. We provide our services in English and Polish.

Scope of activities

IT contracts

For ten years now, our team has been providing legal services aimed at IT projects. We work both with big software houses and technology start-ups. We represent software developers as well as their clients. We can draw up implementation contracts with the Agile or the Waterfall methodology in mind. We have experience with projects in many new technology industries, such as marketplace platforms, gaming projects, MedTech or proprietary systems. We develop comprehensive systems for legal security of software houses and creative agencies. We analyse and advise in cases pertaining to security of legal transactions or compliance of technological solutions with provisions of law. We also negotiate contractual arrangements on behalf of our clients with entities from Europe (both within and outside the EU), the USA and Asia.

They key to our success is that we advise industries which we fully understand in practical terms. Our legal analyses are based on a carefully considered and realistic construction, which facilitates the functioning of technologies. Our actions incorporate the latest project management methods, tailored for individual needs.

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We accompany our clients from innovative enterprises all the way, wherever their growth takes them. We help to build relations between founders and formalize them. We prepare complete documentation of transactions, including Founders’ and Investment Agreements or registration documents. We provide company law services and proper protection of intellectual property, including patent and registration procedures. When we act, we make sure to follow optimal tax solutions and select legal solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

When we represent investors, we handle the issues of due diligence and present detailed reports evaluating legal risks inherent in potential investments. Then, we help to neutralize them and appropriately build relations between investors. We lead the investment process, beginning with preliminary talks, up to the stage of leaving the investment. We offer help needed to solve communication problems in enterprises and properly secure the exit of partners from the investment.

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Creative industry

We have gained a wealth of experience working with marketing, interactive and public relations agencies. We also cooperate with influencers and youtubers. We solve legal problems with respect to counteracting unfair business practices and combating acts of unfair competition.

We provide legal services for photography and video projects. We prepare agreements with creators as well as license, distribution or co‑production agreements and other similar documents. We help with fundraising campaigns by preparing endorsement agreements and handling negotiations with sponsors.

We also support the e‑learning industry. We advise on establishing relations, negotiate and prepare agreements with subcontractors and co‑creators. We provide legal services for events, trainings and conferences. We have considerable experience in protecting intellectual property of websites and training platforms. We help with crisis management in relations with consumers or with infringement of copyrights.

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Gaming Law

We cooperate with producers of computer games. We provide legal services for projects intended for mobile apps (iOS, Android), PC and consoles. We establish a complete legal environment for gaming projects, with the cooperation of programmers from our country and from abroad. Our legal services cover crowdfunding campaigns where we help to settle taxes on funds raised through crowdfunding. We ensure security of intellectual property used in production. We also help to put legal relations with subcontractors and freelancers in order. Moreover, we prepare EULAs, privacy policies and other consumer‑related documentation.

Our offer of legal and tax services is also addressed to Internet personalities, those who have their own electronic media channels, streamers and influencers. We ensure protection of their intellectual property. We provide solutions for cooperating with subcontractors and ordering parties.

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Mergers and acquisitions M&A

We have a record of successful mergers and acquisitions. We offer comprehensive services for both the acquiring enterprise and the acquired one. We are also experienced in coordinating this process and managing stakeholders. We proceed calmly and carefully, right from the stage of negotiations, to the moment of completing the transaction and continuing cooperation. We also examine acquired enterprises in terms of due diligence and audits. With transformation processes, we focus on employing the latest project management techniques and delivering the highest quality of services. When we run processes, we are focused on business goals and minimizing any interference in the operations of participants of the process.

We have a significant wealth of experience when it comes to carrying out the M&A process for clients involved in IT, new technologies and private equity funds. We help foreign entities to enter the Polish market, for instance we provide corporate governance services. We have invaluable experience when it comes to cooperating with Scandinavian clients.

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Copyright and intellectual property

As a team, we offer to our clients special protection of intellectual property rights. We provide support for copyright and related rights, industrial property rights, database rights or protection of know‑how and transfer of technology. We create various solutions with the purpose of protecting our clients under copyright sale agreements, corporate licenses or more complex projects, such as contracts for the provision of software. We also provide the legal framework for cloud solutions. We prepare and negotiate copyright agreements in the interest of both authors and entities acquiring the software.

We create practical solutions which provide full legal protection and undisturbed business operations at the same time. We work as a team and cooperate with patent attorneys and tax advisors to ensure holistic approach to the issues and guarantee high quality of protective measures. Since we work with experienced specialists, we are not only able to deliver copyright protection, but we can also procure invention patents, registration of trademarks and industrial designs. We provide such services in Poland, the rest of the European Union and all over the world.

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Personal Data Protection

On May 25th, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force, introducing a revolutionary legal tool in the area of personal data protection, and we support the process of adjusting legal systems of our clients to this legislation. We help our clients prepare, so that they are able to meet the requirements of the new regulations in terms of personal data protection. Our implementation projects are comprehensive and we take into consideration the issues of legal protection, compliance, IT and organizational solutions. We advise on changes to electronic systems and employee‑related procedures.

The implementation process is always carried out in a practical way and harmoniously combined with the business approach to the biggest possible extent. We create maps of data processing, identify gaps in business processes and IT systems, help to remove the gaps and satisfy the requirements of GDPR. We ensure efficient and comprehensive adjustment of the enterprise to the new law. It means that we do not only create necessary analyses and documents, but we also provide training and monitor the actual progress of adjusting to the recommendations.

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Our clients


I would like to recommend attorney Jakub Szarmach. He is fantastically fluent in IT issues, goal‑oriented and provides comprehensive solutions for problems. I really appreciate efficient use of technological tools and modern attitude to legal services. The specific legal solutions I was offered corresponded to the nature of our enterprise.

Adam Przymusiała – President of the Board of BinarApps


Mr. Szarmach provides us with his services for developers of medical technologies. His every action shows that he is a professional and even though he isn’t a specialist in biotechnology, he is able to inquire about the specifics of our technology and the difficulties we have to face. He had a global approach to the problem and he did not look at it only through the prism of his profession and thanks to this he was able to quickly understand our perspective.


Wojciech Giżowski – Vice‑President of the Board of Biolumo Sp. z o.o.


Magdalena Pawłowska

I can recommend cooperation with –Mr. Jakub Szarmach, attorney-at-law. He has prepared my every contract since the beginning of our cooperation, many years ago, and I cannot imagine running my business without his support. I especially value professional services, keeping deadlines and being responsible.


Magdalena Pawłowska – Launch Valley Ltd

Focus Care

Jacob and his team are extremely thorough, professional, dedicated and able to think quickly. Highly qualified people – We only have good experiences with them. They are practical in their approach, easy to work with and focus on the essentials. We get the best service from their team. Highly recommended by us!


Tommy Iversen – Daglig leder



Our cooperation with Jakub Szarmach turned out to be a great success when it comes to legal services that Lunchroom needed. Projects may not be big, but we usually need to complete them immediately. It was really difficult for me to find a law firm that would satisfy our requirements.


Lunchroom – Marcina Racino


Knowledge, experience, professional attitude to work and communication skills of Mr. Jakub Szarmach allow me to recommend him as a Legal Advisor who is a trustworthy and competent specialist.

Tomasz Ogrodzki – Partner at SkyConcept



We have cooperated with Mr. Jakub Szarmach on many projects and we always received quick and professional advice in both typical and unusual cases. We always seek his assistance when we need a professional opinion on legal issues, which are often a nightmare for young, developing undertakings. Therefore, based on our experience, we can gladly recommend this law firm to others – thanks to his support, we can focus on developing our enterprise.

Hubert Stuczyński, Board Member


I have cooperated with the law firm since the company’s inception. We can be sure that they always react quickly and operate efficiently, even if it is late during the weekday or on a weekend. We have a great contact with them.

Grzegorz Kaczor – President of the Board of Fachmistrz.pl



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